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Plant and Tree Nurseries in each State and Washington, DC
Plant nurseries are agricultural firms that propagate annuals, perennials, and shrubs, and grow them to a marketable size.  Retail nurseries sell plants and garden supplies to the general public while wholesale nurseries sell their nursery stock to garden centers, commercial landscapers, and other nurseries.  Private nurseries may provide for the needs of an institution or estate.

Nurseries vary widely in their scope of operation; some nurseries grow a large assortment of plants while others specialize in a plant category, such as flowers, garden vegetables, ground covers, or succulents.  Additionally, a nursery may focus on a certain phase of plant growth, such as propagation or growing out.  Some plant nurseries specialize in propagating houseplants or greenhouse plants while others specialize in growing particular plant species and varieties such as roses or orchids.

poinsettia plant greenhouse Many nurseries make use of greenhouses, which are made of glass or plastic tunnels.  A greenhouse protects plants from harsh weather while still allowing light to filter through.  Some greenhouses include automated temperature control, ventilation, watering, and feeding systems.

Nurseries are very labor intensive businesses.  The plants must be cared for and examined each day.  Most estimates say that 70% of the nursery expense is the manpower needed to keep it running optimally.

For such a labor intensive business, it is imperative to consider the climate where the nursery is located and grow accordingly, to avoid losing profit.  Many plants and shrubs that would grow well in a rainy location may not survive in a dry environment and vice versa.  Proper research and ongoing care are needed to ensure the long-term viability of the plant nursery. features convenient access to selected retail nurseries, wholesale nurseries, and online horticulture resources.  Home gardeners and landscapers can order plants online or by phone from many of these nurseries.

Retail Plant Nurseries

plant nursery
  1. Spring Hill Nurseries
    This well-known nursery offers a broad selection of flowering shrubs, perennials, roses, bulbs, and ground covers.
  2. Plant Delights Nursery
    Features unusual and hard-to-find garden perennials that also make great garden subjects.
  3. Hortico
    Canadian source for roses, perennials, and flowering shrubs features worldwide shipping.
  4. Santa Rosa Gardens
    This Florida-based plant nursery features a wide variety of ornamental grasses and perennial plants.
  5. Twombly Nursery
    This Connecticut nursery features a large and diverse inventory of rare and unusual plants in all sizes.
  6. White Flower Farm
    This family-owned nursery, located in northwestern Connecticut, is a premier mail-order source for plants, bulbs, and gardening supplies.
  7. Wayside Gardens
    South Carolina plant nursery and gardening source offers a broad range of perennials, bulbs, roses, trees & shrubs, and rare plants.
    Features container garden supplies and gift plants, as well as useful container gardening information.
  9. Nichols Garden Nursery
    This Oregon-based nursery offers a selection of herb plants, rare seeds, gardening resources and recipes.
  10. Avant Gardens
    This small, family-run Massachusetts nursery features annuals and perennials, grasses and sedges, rock garden plants, and woody plants.
  11. Niche Gardens
    Mail order nursery located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina specializes in native perennials, trees and shrubs.
  12. Graceful Gardens
    This New York State garden center features delphiniums, annuals and perennials.
  13. Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co.
    Missouri-based supplier of fruit trees, shade trees, flowering trees, shrubs, and roses.
  14. Greenwood Nursery
    This Tennessee-based garden center offers trees, shrubs, fruiting plants, and garden gear.
  15. Aquatic Plants of Florida
    Certified aquatic plants and tree farm grows Florida native plants, including fresh water plants, wetland plants and salt-tolerant plants.
  16. Foliage Gardens
    This Washington-based fern nursery offers hardy native and exotic ferns.

Wholesale Plant Nurseries

  • Monrovia
    This producer of container-grown plants provides a large variety of "distinctively better" plants for garden centers.
  • Walters Gardens
    This wholesale grower of perennials specializes in growing quality bare root and starter perennials.
  • Hoffman Nursery
    Provides ornamental and native grasses to the wholesale trade.
  • Star Roses
    Conard-Pyle and Star® Roses work with hybridizers all over the world to bring high quality roses to the market.
  • Weeks Roses
    This major wholesaler offers popular, unusual, and award-winning roses, including fragrant roses, shrubs, climbers and miniatures.
  • Bakker Nurseries
    Ontario-based nursery ships wholesale woody ornamental nursery stock, roses and trees to Canada, the United States, and Europe.
  • Bailey Nurseries
    This wholesale nursery serves customers throughout the USA, Canada, and beyond.
  • Briggs Nursery
    Wholesale grower located in Washington features ornamental nursery stock, with special emphasis on rhododendrons.
  • Bluebird Nursery
    Nebraska-based wholesale plant nursery offers perennials, herbs, grasses and wildflowers.
  • Aldershot Greenhouses
    This Ontario-based nursery is a grower of potted roses and miniature roses.

Plant Nursery Supplies

  • B&T Grower Supply
    Offers a broad selection of wholesale greenhouse and nursery supply products.
plant seedling

Plant Resources

  • National Native Plant Nursery Directory
    Features a list of native plant nurseries and sources of native plants, broken down by state.  Find the native plant you are looking for from a nursery near your home or office.
  • Horticopia
    Horticultural software references of plant pictures and data designed for garden centers, growers, and researchers.

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