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plants growing in greenhouse Growing plants is the fun part of owning any plant nursery business!  But in order to grow the best possible plants, there is quite a bit that you need to learn.  You need to know what kind of potting soil to use, what kind of container to start your plant in, how much to water, and how to fertilize, and when to prune.  If you are growing your plants in a field you'll need to know how to prepare and maintain the fields for good growth.  And if you live in a cold climate you'll need to figure out how to winterize your crops.

A good potting soil is key to starting your plants off right.  There are many different soils, so you'll have to choose one that works best for your type of plants and environment.  Regardless of what kinds of plants you are growing, all potting soils should hold moisture, but also drain well.  After finding a potting soil that seems to work with your types of plants, you may want to add some extra nutrients like lime, pesticides, and disease-suppressing organisms.  Most suppliers of high-quality potting soil are able to customize the soil to suit your needs, whether that means adding extras or adjusting the water-holding capacity of the soil.

Just as important as the soil are the containers you keep your plants in.  What size container depends upon the type of plants you are growing — smaller containers for small plants, all the way up to super-sized containers for trees.  While there are many different container types to choose from, the most important consideration is that the container matches the plant in terms of size.  Retail nurseries may want to consider color and material of their containers, as that will have an impact on their customers.

Finally, the correct irrigation and fertilization processes will determine the health and robustness of your plants.  There are five basic types of irrigation systems — surface irrigation, subsurface irrigation, overhead sprinklers, drip irrigation, and hand irrigation — and choosing one is as simple as deciding which one suits your crops best.  There are also many different ways to fertilize.  It's important to know the kind of nutrients your crops need before you set up a release pattern and application method.

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